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Medical Billing Made Simple

Solve your billing challenges the easy way. At Sharlabo, we offer psychiatric billing services to practices throughout the United States. We also serve psychology professionals, behavioral clinics, and treatment centers for traumatic brain injury patients.

Free Consultation

When you contact us as a prospective client, we begin with a free consultation. After this initial call, we will send you a summary and copies of all the forms. You'll be surprised at how simple it is to get started. We can even adapt our services to the forms you are already using at your practice. Our team works with each client to evaluate their billing needs and customize a service plan that will be most effective.

Low Fees, Fast Turnaround

Many of our clients are anxious about cash flow, so we strive to make our services as affordable as possible. The initial setup fee is just $100, and you could see new payments coming in within just a few weeks. In most cases, we are up and running in 10 business days, although Medicare can take longer.

Clear & Accurate

If your patients are having trouble understanding their bills, have them call us. Our knowledgeable, sympathetic staff members will help them understand their bills and answer any questions they may have. We have extensive experience working with clients of all kinds, from bariatric patients to those with bipolar disorder. If requested, we make special arrangements for payment.

Beyond Full Service

We are proud to offer cost-effective billing solutions and additional services that other "full service" agencies do not provide. When government or insurance company regulations change, we help you adapt to those changes and take advantage of new opportunities. We value the privacy of our clients and their patients, and we handle their information with the utmost care, following HIPAA regulations.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Increased Cash Flow

  • Reimbursements Received Daily

  • Reduced Software & Hardware Expense

  • Improved Personnel Efficiencies

  • Reduced Payroll Expenses

  • Stress-Free Practice Management

  • Eliminates Provider & Patient Challenges

  • Skype Therapy (Telemedicine) Billing Available

  • More Time to Focus on Patient Care

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